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Accelerating the deployment of decarbonisation technology

We know that if we don't act now then the global average temperature will rise by more than 1.5 degrees before 2030, but we are heading towards over 3 degrees if we don't act now. The energy sector holds the key to averting a climate disaster and you could contribute. That's what we do at Dunamis - we enable you as an individual to support amazing new decarbonisation technologies that could potentially change the world!

Our Story

We are a group of passionate people in the Energy sector who see amazing decarbonisation ideas every day, but also see that most of them never get going. The big question is why? It's usually not because they won't change the world, they quite possibly could. Its typically because they're not 'commercially viable' i.e. won't make enough money in the short term. But surely ensuring that future generations have a sustainable world is priceless? Well we think so.


We have therefore defined a way for you as an individual to support these amazing technologies and projects that without our help, may never be realised. Wouldn't it be amazing to be a founder supporter of a technology that reduces our CO2 emissions directly from the atmosphere? Or what about a completely green fuel that changes the whole automotive industry? These are all technologies we want to support, and we're invite you to join to be part of the solution.


We partner with large organisations within the Energy industry and utilise their expertise, we then hand select a number of projects and technologies that meet our thorough selection criteria - ensuring that they are going to add value and help us decarbonise the world. You then as a contributor get to select which project to support - its so simple!


We keep it all completed transparent - all of our transactions are on the blockchain so you can see exactly where your money goes, no green-washing here. You can also retrieve an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) in exchange for your donation - something cool to keep and demonstrate your commitment to decarbonising the world.


Just to top it off - we don't take any profit! This is simply about accelerating the deployment of decarbonisation technologies. We are in it to ensure that we have a sustainable world for our children and we hope that as a contributor you feel the same.


Check out our current projects and how to donate here.

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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