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Direct Methane Removal

In associating with Cambridge University Centre for Climate Repair, supporting a research project on Direct Methane Removal (DMR). DMR will focus on substituting one molecule of Methane (CH4) with one molecule of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) using the process of photocatalysis. Methane is much more potent than CO2, with an immediate Global Warming Potential of 120 times that of CO2, it is also the second most significant gas responsible for global warming, it is therefore essential that we find a way to reduce it.

Initially they are looking for funding to establish the preferred candidate photocatalytic materials for oxidation of Methane and need $100,000 of funding to get to the next stage in research. To support this project and claim your NFT - select the project below.

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“Haru Oni” Hydrogen Plant

Siemens Energy, joined by sports car maker Porsche and a lineup of international companies, is developing and implementing a pilot project in Chile that is expected to yield the world’s first integrated, commercial, industrial-scale plant for making synthetic climate-neutral fuels (e-fuels) with the power of hydrogen. In the pilot phase, around 130,000 liters of e-fuels will be produced as early as 2022. In two further phases, capacity is then to be increased to about 55 million liters of e-fuels a year by 2024, and around 550 million liters of e-fuels by 2026. Porsche will be the primary customer for the green fuel. Other partners in the project are the energy firm AME and the petroleum company ENAP from Chile and Italian energy company Enel. 

To support Phase 1 of the pilot, Dunamis are looking to raise $50,000 to support the implementation of the project.

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Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage Projects in the UK

Aker Solutions, Siemens Energy and Doosan Babcock have formed a consortium which will see the three companies draw upon more than 450 years of combined experience to develop technology and solutions for the growing UK carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) market.

In order to progress this to a pilot phase, funding is required to develop and deploy carbon capture technologies. Initially Dunamis are looking to raise $150,000.

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