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Dunamis is a non-profit organisation focussed on utilising decentralised blockchain technology as a donation mechanism to accelerate the reduction of carbon within the earth’s atmosphere.



Dunamis was founded in summer 2021 by a small team of highly qualified Engineers and professionals whilst working for a major international Energy company. This team has the mission of accelerating decarbonisation technology - supporting start-ups, universities and projects which are not yet commercially viable but which could make a huge positive impact in the world. Dunamis also wants to give donors a voice, allowing them to choose the technology and projects which excites them and in return, give them an amazing product to cherish and demonstrate their early support to the technology. Non-Fungible Tokens were the obvious choice, and the carbon-neutral blockchain of WAX lined up perfectly with the values of Dunamis.


In the world of increasing emissions and climate change, decarbonisation is the key term used in order to describe the phasing out of carbon dioxide emissions from the use of fossil fuel solutions in relation to decarbonisation is a critical aspect of enabling us to manage the global greenhouse gas problem whereby current levels are at an all-time high of 419ppm. Put simply, decarbonisation means removing the carbon from the process chain so the technologies which can be related to it are vast, exciting and can make a huge positive impact on the world. In order to support the advancement of decarbonisation, Dunamis will be continuously connecting with various real-world projects within different fields related to decarbonisation such as Direct Air Capture (DAC), renewable fuels, energy storage solutions and more.



To begin with, each project will have three options to donate to each planet saving field. This will be done by purchasing ‘decarbonization tokens’ which will exist on the blockchain as your proof of donation. Each option will be representative of a voting level within the community.

Decarbonisation project
$10 Donation – Level 1 Voting Rights
$50 Donation – Level 2 Voting Rights
$100 Donation – Level 3 Voting Rights.


90% of the donation will be sent directly to the selected project and 10% towards R&D, Blockchain resources and brand awareness.



The organisations who run these projects understand the huge benefit that the Crypto and NFT community can have on saving the environment. The internal team of Dunamis will be utilising their technical expertise to vet projects which would like to participate. Once each specific project has been vetted, the total number of qualifying initiatives will be put in to a list which will be voted on initially in the relevant channel on Discord for level 1. These will then be filtered down to level 2 where there will be a further vote, again depleting the field, all the way down to level 3 where the final selection will be made. Each donation will count as a vote, meaning the more ‘decarbonisation tokens’ you have in your wallet for that specific initiative, the more influence you will have when voting.


Founder Token

All initial founder token holders will secure level 1 voting rights for ALL projects in the future. Founder tokens are FREE and will be distributed to the first 50 people who are enthusiastic about saving the planet. To apply for a founders token you must fill in the questionnaire here: …… Your application will be reviewed by the Dunamis team and the best 50 applications will be accepted and added to the Discord channel. This will be a very prestigious role to have within the Dunamis community and therefore applications will be scrutinised thoroughly.

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